We will Lead, Build and Equip our Students!

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Our promise to our students:

We will Lead, Build and Equip!






Activities you will complete during training:

Activity 1Communicating with our students (15 min.)

  1. After watching the video, go to the app Pages and write your reaction to the young man’s success.
  2. Open the Bible app and read Acts 2:1-4 with your table.
  3. Watch the rest of the video
  4. Go back to Pages and write how you have been impacted by Max Lucado’s ideas and the scripture you read with your group.


Fruit Basket!!

Activity 2 – Thinking about your teaching style (15-20 min)

  1. Go back to the Safari app
  2. Click on the underlined words Instructional Strategies Online
  3. Look at the five strategies and using the definitions to the left determine your primary mode of teaching.
  4. Take notes by going between Pages and the web page.
  6. Discuss with your group your instructional style and how the 1:1 initiative may change the way your classroom looks.
  7. Save this site as a bookmark so that you can go back later and look at Instructional Methods

Break and then Fruit Basket!!

Activity 3 – iPad Mini Challenges (30 minutes)

You will need to select a different partner for each mini challenge.

  1. Record a 30 second interview of your partner’s favorite summer activity (school appropriate).
  2. Search YouTube on a topic that you teach or “student projects”
  3. Take 5 photos and create a slide show
  4. What is today’s lead story in the NYTimes today?
  5. Take a photo with your partner that reminds you of Airport Security. (clue X-Ray)

But I do not know how!!

Hints for the mini challenges:

  1. Go to Camera App and switch from the camera icon to the camera. Touch the red button to begin and end your recording.
  2. Go to the YouTube app, click on Store, find NYTimes and download.
  3. Go to Camera App and take five pictures. Open Keynote, choose the background, tap on picture and replace with one from camera roll, double tap to write a clever caption, press + in bottom left corner to get new slide, continue adding new pictures and slides until you have five. To play your show click on the first slide and then press the arrow in the top right.
  4. Go to Newsstand app, click on Store, scroll through until you find NYTimes and install.
  5. Go to the Photo Booth, click on x-ray and take picture of your partner.

 Activity 4- Recap (Remaining Time)

  1. Go to Pages and answer the following questions
    1. Could you design a lesson around any of the activities you completed today?
    2. What strategies and instructional styles did you see?
    3. What differences do you envision in a classroom that uses iPads?

Flipping the learning!!

Your challenges this summer:

Challenge 1 – Learn more about the iPad

  1. Go to the Apple store in West Town, under Workshops click on Learn More
  2. Go to the Online Videos produced by Apple
  3. Go to Dummies.com and search for iPad

 Challenge 2 – Learn more about teaching styles and methods

  1. Write a lesson thinking about the following:
    1. Objective
    2. Student Outcome
    3. Biblical World View
    4. Type of technology to be used (iPads, apps)
    5. Process (will you teach or turn learning over to students)

                                                              i.      Pacing of lesson

                                                            ii.      Grouping or individual

                                                          iii.      Activities (how long will it take, extra activities, submitting work to teacher,

  1. Evaluation of mastery of objective
  2. Discuss ideas with a colleague

 Challenge 3 – Looking at apps for your curriculum

  1. Search Google  for your subject area and apps
  2. Download Discovr  app (spelled correctly) and search for apps that have similar content.
  3. Evaluate the apps:
    1. Curriculum Connection: Does the app meet more than one objective?
    2. Differentiation: Can the app be adapted so that content can be added? (like Flashcards)
    3. User Friendly: Can students use the app with little to no instruction?
    4. Feedback: Is the feedback specific and results in improved student performance?
    5. Authenticity: Is the skill practiced in an authentic learning environment or is it contrived or rote?
    6. Student Motivation: Will the students select this app for study or will it be required by the teacher?

If you need help or want to meet for additional assistance, please email Missy through the school address.

Views of our training in images and video:


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